Allergies and carpets

Sneezing! Bless you. Got your attention already. It seems everyone is bothered by allergies. We spend a lot of our time, in our home, where we live. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is info on our home or business atmosphere or air we breathe and in particular what is in the air we breathe. People spend a lot of money on air purifiers filters and such to clean the air in their home. For IAQ in your home there is no short cut or single approach. Many factors affect IAQ in your home, from cooking, gas or electric, cleaning chemicals, to pesticides to pets, to just us- hair and skin, to name a few.
How different allergens enter our home varies by as many allergens in our home. How they become airborne and removed from our air simply walking across a room can stir up “dust”where dust settles can make a difference. So I am primary going to talk here about floors and furniture. Floors can make a difference too, hard surface floors like wood or tile, vs carpeting and furniture. You can sit on a sofa and relatively not see and dust fly, but add a bright light and slap your hand down on the back and you will be surprised. Have you ever dusted a refrigerator and looked at even an hour later. Sweep a floor and mop and see what mops up? Dust it seems is always airborne. how about carpets, they always seem to take the blunt of blame for allergies in a home.
A carpet will hold 8 -10 times its weight in dust and sand. Unlike a hard-floor when you see a pile of dirt you can sweep it up, but a carpet can “hide” soil and dust allergens. Carpet also can hold and trap these till it is removed by vacuuming or professionally cleaned. I already have a couple of post on importance of vacuuming and how to. So briefly, regular vacuuming is very important to IAQ when you have carpets as the best way to remove dust that bothers your nose. A carpet by its nature vs a hard-floor holds airborne allergens when you walk through your home on a hard surface floor dust can fly into the air, but a carpet it stays. Improper maintenance can lead to unsightly appearances also. So again don’t blame your carpet when it is actually dong its job filtering you air you breath. A carpet is really a giant air filter in your home. Have you ever went a little long on changing an HVAC filter it can get pretty gross. So how do you change a carpet filter? New carpet can be expensive. A good upright vacuum with a hopper style filter or one with a HEPA is best to use a couple times a week or more. It is very important to clean the vacuum each time you vacuum. So keeping your filters clean is a big start to IAQ in your home. Vacuuming is one of the Most important parts of carpet maintenance in your home. When your regular maintenance needs a boost by a professional cleaner they should follow the guidelines set forth in the industry (CRI, IICRC). ALL Carpet Must be vacuumed first before cleaning. Why to remove as much dry particulate soil first which can be up to 85% of soil in a carpet. Our Host cleaning machines I believe are the best overall vacuum system hands down. Our Green, Clean & Dry Host system will clean 85-99% of airborn mold spores and cat allergens trapped in your carpet. With Host low moisture system your carpets will be Soft n Dry when we are done.


  1. Terre says

    Thank you Joe, Monica and Levi for returning our old water, pet and drink stained carpet to almost like new. You three are miracle workers. We never expected these carpets to look and smell almost new. We will highly recommend your company to all our friends and definitely use your services again. 10 Star company. Don & Terre Ingalls

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