Replacing paper towel’s.

Tossing in the Towel
It happens all the time in most households. You grab a paper towel — or two, or three — to wipe up a mess when something gets spilled whether its on a counter top kitchen floor or carpet. That’s what paper towels are for, right?

But something else you might have experienced using paper towels is for polishing your nice granite counter-top, rubbing and scrubbing but still seeing streaks on the surface. You keep going until you have exhausted not only your stock of paper towels, but your own energy as well.

And what about windows and mirrors in your house? Have you ever sprayed them with window cleaner and no matter how much you rubbed and scrubbed with a paper towel, you still saw those little swirly marks? Or eye glasses one of my biggest cleaning issue’s a clean microfiber cloth helps with a clear vision.

Of course. This Happens all the time with everyone!

Now I don’t have anything against paper towels. All of us in our house use them and need them all the time. It’s just that I have found there is a better choice now when it comes to cleaning most of these surfaces in your home.

What’s a better choice than paper towels? A “microfiber” cloth or towel will solve most of your cleaning challenges no matter the surface.

Microfiber towels are amazing things. The “micro” fibers are normally made from polyester, sometimes with other fibers added, and can be reused again and again and again with normal laundering. (Just don’t use fabric softener as that leaves a residue on the towel or wash with terry cloth towels.)

The word “micro” is key: Tiny filaments that act like thirsty grime-seeking sponges. Microfibers are soft and eagerly grab dirt, spills and more, leaving the surface sparkling clean. Those shiny surfaces in your home are perfect for microfibers.

Bonus: Anyone who believes in cleaning “green” and recycling should consider using microfibers towles. They are environmentally a superior choice. You can purchase them from virtually any store that sells cleaning products. Try them out.

So toss in the towel — the paper one, anyway. With microfiber towels you won’t need to toss em in trash. Less to the land fill. We use a lot of towels in our cleaning business so not having a bucket full of used paper towels is great. We also just toss the microfiber cloths in the laundry and reuse.

Here’s a special TIP for spot cleaning of spills: Keep a microfiber towel under the center cushion of your sofa. It’s a handy place where many spills happen. On carpet or upholstery just blot with the microfiber towel, never scrub. You want the stuff spilled to transfer up into the microfiber towel. Blotting accomplishes this best and wont damage the carpet.

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