Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We feature the “Host” Dry Extraction System, a Green, Clean and Dry product that is Green Seal Certified.

We clean all types of carpets and area rugs.

The Prep:

    1. We begin with a thorough inspection of the carpeting to determine the type of construction, fiber identification and cushion (padding) and type of installation.
    2. We then determine your special concerns or problems so we can be prepared to give special attention to these areas as we proceed through the cleaning process.
    3. 019We want to determine what furniture you would like us to move. We will gladly move what we can (sofa, cabinets, dressers, tables); all we ask is that you remove any breakables off of them before we arrive. When we clean under a sofa, because Host is a low moisture system we can replace the sofa without blocks or foil paper under them.
    4. We use furniture sliders to safely move heavier pieces of furniture.
    5. We then measure just what you want cleaned and give you an exact written estimate before we begin.

By far this was the best carpet cleaning experience I have had. The owner of the business performed the work himself and attended to all details which I requested in a courteous and professional manner. The owner was on-time and wasted no time in setting up. I had requested some pieces of furniture to be moved during the process to ensure even cleaning of the carpet. This presented absolutely no problem. He was attentive to detail regarding problem areas, stairs, stains, etc. His manner was nothing less than professional and courteous . I would recommend this company to anyone seeking an excellent carpet cleaning experience.

JenniferMaggie Valley

The Process:

    1. 23378_466897980025144_870104616_nOur cleaning process begins by a thorough removal of dry particulate soil with our powerful dry extraction host machines. Studies have proven at least 80-85% of soil is dry particles (dust, hair, sand, dead skin, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens), which remove best while they are dry.
    2. Secondly we pre-treat spots and heavy traffic lanes as needed, and brush the treatment in.
    3. Then begins the unique Host Sponges Cleaning Process, this is unlike any other carpet cleaning system that you have ever seen. We apply the Host Sponges by hand or with our special applicator evenly over the carpet. We then brush the Host Sponges with our Host Machine into the carpet, up and down the fibers to remove soil. We continue this across the room until the desired clean carpet is achieved; rarely we may need to reapply the sponges to the same areas. Then we will work on any particular tough spots, stains or discolorations.
    4. Now our next step is recovery of the soiled sponges. We flip a switch and our powerful Host Machine becomes a dry extractor again. We then pay special attention to edges and corners to remove dust and sponges. And one more pass to ensure complete removal of sponges.
    5. We then replace any furniture we might have moved. This is a great time to apply a carpet protector to help your carpets stay clean and beautiful longer. This also helps in spot cleaning and vacuuming between cleanings.
    6. Your finished Carpets will be Soft n Dry!!!

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Your carpets are already dry, or if we used pre-spray may take a few minutes to dry, but your carpet is ready to walk on and enjoy!