Carpet Repair & Re-Stretching

Carpet Repair & Re-Stretching

Dry Master Carpet Care can perform most necessary carpet repairs, re-stretching and reinstalls.

Carpet Repair

We can perform most repairs: small burns, iron burns, rips and tears. To replace a section of carpet we need a donor piece usually obtained from a closet because carpet cannot be matched with a new piece.


Depending on the wear and fading, most repairs are somewhat visible (no seam is invisible.) Seams can be re-seamed either by hot melt glue tape or when required we specialize in hand sewing of seams. Some carpet construction types can only be hand sewn.

We can also hand sew torn fringes on area rugs, replace with new fringe damaged or discolored fringe, sew braided rugs back together, and hand sew some split seams right from the top, even though they were hot melt glued.


Carpet Re-Stretching

We reinstall any room. We can remove unsightly ripples or buckles. We can tighten up loose carpet in doorways, around fireplaces, and on stairs. If you have wires or cables around the room we can place them correctly under carpet and cushion and reinstall carpet.